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Why you need to always use condoms

Condoms are the best things that are made for humans and it has helped them a great deal. People who use condoms are smart people.

Many people don’t like wearing condoms and those are people who become parent to a kid soon. So if you wish to prevent pregnancy, you should make sure that you wear a condom whenever you are going to have sex with your soulmate.

Usually there are some people who so claim that they’re able to control the way they ejaculate when having sexual intercourse. A lot of people claim that they use the withdrawal method and they remove the penis just before they are going to reach an orgasm. Although this sounds good, there is certainly high risk of making women pregnant because there is always some semen which comes out before the orgasm.

Those who use them also say that they have a piece of mind when they are having sex. If you are using the withdrawal method while you are having sex, you will always be tensed and won’t enjoy having sexual intercourse. When you’ve got a condom on, that’s not the case and you can enjoy the sexual act.

There are several websites online that also provide some free condoms nowadays and some good discount if you buy in bulk. You can always buy in bulk and keep some good stock with you simply because you don’t know when you can get sexually excited.

There are several kinds of condoms available and you can always wear usually the one you like.

One other good and obvious reason to put on condoms is sexually transmitted diseases. Condoms are the most effective protection against them so make sure to wear them when you find yourself included in a sexual act which includes a person you don’t know.

As the saying goes prevention is always better. And in case of some STD’s there isn’t any cures. So there is an immense risk you are taking with your health while you are having sex without having a condom with an unknown person.

The enjoyment is only for 10 to 15 minutes but there are lots of things in life which can be beyond sex. There are other things too so just be sure you always keep some condoms along with you when you are planning to places where you know you can get laid.

Sometimes women complain that whenever men wish to have sex they don’t want to use condoms. In cases like this, it is good, if they can keep some female condoms with them and use them in emergency. They aren’t as popular as male ones. But they’re becoming a bit popular nowadays.

So whether it is a male one or female one, it is always good to put on one.

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