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Common sense technique to use condoms

Certainly there is certain common sense which is required in order to put on Condoms.

Each of us realize that condoms are usually the most significant contraceptives that are sold in the market. However it’s always best to keep some things in your mind every time you really wish to make use of them. In order to protect oneself, it’s always best to use condoms each time you are having sex or simply you can actually use Sex Toys for genital stimulation.

Condoms are believed to be 98% safe and if used properly they meant to be the most suitable barrier we have.

You can find following things that you can do to make sure you use condoms effectively:

1)    Whenever you’re putting on a condom, make sure to open the condom pack using your hands and never with a very sharp object, scissors or a cutting knife. When you are doing this, there’s a tendency of you tearing the condom.

2)    Don’t wear the condom inside out. rather put on a fresh one

3)    When you ejaculate, you need to take your condom off immediately. After doing this, place condom inside tissue and throw it in the dust bin. Don’t ever make the mistake of flushing it down your rest room. This can add to the maintenance charge of your plumbing and you will have wide range of problems in addition to awkwardness when a plumber arrives at your home.

4)    Condoms are supposed to be kept in a cool dry place and also they should not be exposed to direct sunlight and kept openly to the sunlight. This could damage the condom

5)    You must also look for the expiry date over the condoms. If you utilize condoms which might be out of date, you put yourself at risk and even the person with whom you are having sex with

So these are generally a few things you can do and make certain that you don’t have any sorts of trouble while you are making out.

Ensure that you do keep these types of things in head, so that you won’t have lot of troubles.

Generally pick some quality condoms from some well-known brands as these brands provide you with top quality condoms

The good brands who make condoms do number of high quality checks before they circulate the condoms in the market. They ensure you get absolute best quality and uncompromised health.

Most of the condoms are lubricated which means you get an fabulous experience when you use them. If you prefer some extra lubrication, you could always use some water based lubricants. These water base lubricants won’t damage your condom and you certainly will have an breathtaking experience while you’re having sexual intercourse.

Don’t ever use any oil based lubricant on your condoms simply because this will damage your condoms and this is something which probably you don’t prefer to occur. So be careful.


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