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Durex condoms – protection together with pleasure

Condoms are recognized to be the safest protection measures during intercourse. It protects users against contracting HIV and also other std’s and is a reliable contraceptive. Durex condoms are utilized by couples around the world during lovemaking. Condoms are small and are efficient to carry and very user friendly. Durex condoms can be found in a number of flavor, patterns and fashions for fun and to increase your sex drive and for ultimate satisfaction. Condoms provide you with sex without worries of std’s as well as pregnancy. Condoms are harmless, affordable and available everywhere. Casual sex is becoming popular and having more and more people in bed means enhancing the likelihood of STD’s. Condoms prove useful and end up being the best protection against infection.

Condoms are available at different sizes, colors, flavors and a massive amount patterns. It’s possible to choose their preferred condoms according to their preference. Different condoms are available for anal and vaginal sex. It’s crucial that you know the condoms for anal sex must be stronger because they are more prone to tearing since rectal walls are stronger and tighter around the anus. A torn condom can lead to a risk of STD’s or unwanted pregnancy.

Condoms are multipurpose protection keys. Unprotected sex puts your overall health at risk and condoms make you stay safe and revel in safe sex.

Durex condoms can be purchased freely in the market. You’ll be able to decide to buy them from the pharmacist, a supermarket or internet vendors. There aren’t any side effects of using a condom unless you are allergic to latex or to spermicides as well as if you’re there are condoms specifically created for your needs now available in the market. It’s the safest and the most reliable birth control option and is also almost 97% effective. Condoms are highly pleasurable and they have been known to pleasure women in lots of ways. Durex condoms have a huge range for men to pick from and no matter what condom you pick; you need to use it correctly. You must wear a condom before any vaginal, anal or oral contact. If natural lubricants usually are not enough, always go for a water based lubricants. NEVER try Vaseline or greasy substances which can damage the condom. Just before using vaginal creams always ask the pharmacist if it can harm the condom.

1. Always leave a two cm gap at the end of the penis for that condom to hold the sperm.

2. Always wear a condom when the penis is erect, condoms fit well only on an erect penis.

3. Always support the base of the penis to limit the condom from staying inside during the time of withdrawal.

Condoms prove useful in a number of ways and when you’re utilizing a good brand like durex condoms you’ll never need to worry about the quality.

Clearly it’s time, people realize the benefits of condoms and go in for this inexpensive medical device and also lead a good sex life as well as a good future.

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