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4 adult sex toys you need to try

Sex is a game if you play it right or a just a routine if it get boring. There are various of ways it is possible to spice up your sex life and sex toys are a fun way to start. Aside from the traditional sex toys that are used for self satisfaction, there are numerous of kinky toys available in the market and across sex stores in UK which help you to bring out your deepest fantasies and rock your partner like never before.

Sex Dice
This sex toy is fun and interesting. As the name suggests, this game consists of two dices, the one that has sex actions written on each side such as “kiss”, “lick”, “bite” and the dice which has parts of the body written on each side such as “lips”, “feet”, “stomach” and so on. This game is really easy to play, one partner rolls both dices and reads both messages aloud and then obeys the instructions. This really is among the best sex toys to help partners increase their level of comfort with each other and then add passion in their lives. This dice set also makes a really nice gift for a lover or even a couple.

Hand Cuffs
If kinky is exactly what spells you right then your love making session is just incomplete with no pair of handcuffs to provide that extra thrill and zing to your sex life. Hand cuffs have been around for ages and are one of many oldest sex toys available. These cuffs never fail to impress and one can do a number of things with the cuffs. Tying up your lover is one of the sexiest things to do while indulging in foreplay and this toy helps partners raise the trust levels together. One advice when using hand cuffs: ensure you know your partner long enough before you get cuffed to the bed.

No pain no gain and you’ve heard it a million times already. Well it really is with sex too, and the paddle does just that. If you’re into BDSM then this toy is what you’ve been looking for. The paddle combines a little pain and pleasure for individuals who like a wild ride.

Glow in the dark condoms
Of course this isn’t really a sex toy, one can have fun with this for a long period and so we’ve made a decision to categorize it as one. Glow in the dark condoms are condoms which glow when in a dark room once worn on the penis. These condoms glow in various colours and it can be really fun to produce a pitch dark room just with your penis glowing. It’s a fun way to play hide and seek with your lover and enhance your sex in addition. You could see these condoms on

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