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Got a dry situation? Try durex lubricants

Lubes are slippery liquids which replace natural secretions produced in the vagina upon sexual arousal. This fluid helps in easy penetration plus more comfy and enjoyable sex. Artificial lubricants such as durex lubricants may be used in anal and vaginal sex. Sometimes, natural fluids are not enough, such situations artificial lubricants a makes it simple to enter. Different women lubricate differently. If you find yourself dry during sex it really means you’re not excited enough and sex in such situations may be painful.

One in three women experience vaginal dryness. Frequently, women allow a person to enter them lacking the necessary natural juices secreted which then causes less satisfaction plus more soreness and infections. While increasing the foreplay could help in getting a female wet down there, some women still often remain dry. Men could make an effort to ask their partner what they like and try to give in additional time till their ladies are aroused and wet. Durex lubricants help a great deal in providing pleasure even when a woman does not get wet.

Lack of interest and excitement might not be the only reasons for vaginal dryness many other reasons like stress, low estrogen, birth control pills, infection and tiredness are also the leading causes of women getting dry.

Lubricants may be used not merely when you’ve got a problem of self lubricating but in addition when you need to derive maximum pleasure. Lubricants can be used to derive more satisfaction and pleasure when your natural juices aren’t enough. Based on a recent study, ladies who used durex lubricants have claimed to have derived higher lovemaking than those who didn’t use lubricants during intercourse.

Lubricants are made from various products like silicone, water, petroleum or oil. Water lubricants work best to buy simply because they do not have any side effects as well as help in acquiring maximum satisfaction. Its best to avoid oil based lubricants since these usually create infections and when combined with condoms they are recognized to damage condoms which lead to condoms tearing during intercourse.

Here are 3 lubricants you must try

K-Y Brand Warming Liquid. It’s known for a light and feminine warming sensation. An excellent durex lubricant is usually recommended with latex based durex condoms only.

Flavored lubricants like dessert-y Babelicious that happen to be fragrant and add that zing for your oral sex routine.

Silicone lubricants: These lubricants are wonderful whenever you plan on sex in water or in the swimming pool. Since this lubricant is water proof, it keeps your spouse wet even in water helping her to enjoy sex.

Durex lubricants come in a variety of flavors and scents to suit your senses. Get some really good deals on today and don’t ever be worried about a dry situation once you don’t need one.

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